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Welcome to Turner Farm Living!

We are a homegrown Montana family who are modern homesteaders. We live on a small acreage farm on the fringe of town. This provides the best of both worlds for us! We are close enough for the local community to take advantage of our local produce and they can also experience farm life without leaving town!about us

We host lots of farm tours for schools and other organizations. We sell our produce directly from our farm and also at the farmers’ market. We have an active CSA (farm share) program too. We love sharing our passion of farming with our customers!  We try to approach life with a pioneer spirit and a homesteading heart. We like to channel the ol’ wild west determination when it comes to being self-sufficient. While we welcome efficient and modern methods of farming and homesteading, we still like to do a lot of things “the old fashioned” way!

Turner Farms is run by my husband, 3 sons and me. None of us are professionals or experts…we’ve learned all this farming and homesteading knowledge by simply asking a lot of questions, reading lots of information and making tons (and I mean tons!) of mistakes! But in the end, we love being a farm family and getting dirty together!

We hope you enjoy visiting our website, TurnerFarmliving.com. This is the place where we write about live on our lively farm. We share stories about the animals, lots of pictures of the growing gardens and harvests, homesteading matters and of course we have lots of farm fresh recipes!IMG_0496[1]

garden fresh Kale







In the Homecooking section, if it has to do with food, you’ll find it here! We love food at Turner Farms and love sharing farm fresh meals, canning recipes and other food related ideas!

About Us - CookingIn our Homesteading section, we talk about the various ways we keep that Pioneer spirit alive. From butchering our own livestock to making applesauce.

baby goat 30min old

Baby goat only 30 minutes old


In our Garden section we talk about planting, growing and harvesting our 2 ½ acre vegetable garden.agricultureGardening








Under the CSA Newsletter section, you will find our weekly newsletters which go out to the members of our CSA program. These newsletters include recipes, updates on the farm and explanation of veggies.CSA bag

And if you just want to take a virtual tour around our farm, check out The Farm section. We post pictures of the animals, the crops, the kids (goats AND human kids!), sunsets and whatever else that makes Turner Farm Living so crazy and fun!

Thanks for stopping by and joining our Farm Family!


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